We Need Someone Who Will Get Things Done!

I’m sure you’d agree that we are living in the midst of a highly-charged political atmosphere.  Conversations are full of passion, emotions are frequently running very high (I’m including myself here).  With all the high emotion, maybe it’s not a surprise then, that there’s a lot of confusion as well.  What is the real reason why everyone is so upset?  What do we really want out of government or the next president?  What is a real conservative?  What is a socialist??

Now, of course, if we were to consider the full spectrum of “conservative” to “liberal”, we would expect to get a broad range of answers.  But, even among self-labeled conservatives, there is far from agreement as to what the real problem (or solution) is.  But, one common sentiment that I hear from both conservatives and liberals is basically that government is dysfunctional and can’t get anything done.  We need government to work and thus, we need someone (e.g. Donald Trump) who can get things done! (Whatever those things are)

I agree that our government has serious problems.  But, I would not argue that the main thing we need is simply for the government to get more done.  I would argue that many on both sides (conservative and liberal) are looking to government to fix problems that are simply beyond it’s scope. Much of the dysfunction that people are so frustrated about is because of the government doing far too much already (and often very poorly, not surprisingly).

In the midst of the chaos and wanting someone who can “get things done”, I wonder if we’re losing sight of more important things regarding how we evaluate a leader; like character and conviction, honesty, integrity (i.e. having a moral compass), or how about someone who will actually seek to put God, the people, and the constitution before their own personal agenda?

In the midst of this highly-charged environment, I think it would be good for all of us (whether we support Trump or not), to take a deep breath, and to consider our own moral compass. Do honesty and integrity matter as much as “getting it done”?  Are immigration and the economy more important than abortion and the institution of marriage? Are all issues equal?  Can a man without integrity still be a good leader?

Clearly, it’s a very confusing time in this primary process and only God knows the outcome. Which leads me to a final thought… there is only one man that can truly “get things done” (the right things, in the right way that is).  That, of course, is Jesus Christ. Regardless of who gets the nomination and wins the presidency, they will not be able to fix all our country’s problems.  At best, the next president may help slow our nation’s decline.  The source of our problems are far beyond the reach of any government, but not beyond the reach of God, who will eventually make all things right.

And so, as we see the chaos and confusion around us, I hope that it leads us to consider the world’s need for a truly good leader.  May the internal turmoil lead us consider where our hope is presently.  If we’re putting our hope in anyone other than Christ, we will inevitably be let down.  If you know Jesus and have put your trust in Him for forgiveness of sins and for eternal life, be encouraged in the reality that Jesus is coming and He will indeed “get things done”!

If you don’t know Jesus, it is indeed a bleak scenario to consider that your best hope would be in any one of the current candidates for president (Republican or Democrat).  That’s a scenario that can only ultimately lead to hopelessness.  So, as you consider the brokenness of our government, the brokenness of each of the candidates (on both sides), and the brokenness of your own heart, know that there is one that is able to give hope without disappointing, not just for this life, but for all of eternity.  Jesus Christ.

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