We Need Someone Who Will Get Things Done!

I’m sure you’d agree that we are living in the midst of a highly-charged political atmosphere.  Conversations are full of passion, emotions are frequently running very high (I’m including myself here).  With all the high emotion, maybe it’s not a surprise then, that there’s a lot of confusion as well.  What is the real reason why everyone is so upset?  What do we really want out of government or the next president?  What is a real conservative?  What is a socialist?? Continue reading

The Word and Tradition


In the local news over the last year, there have been a steady flow of articles written about the scandal of sexual child abuse by priests in the Roman Catholic Church. A number of articles have focused on a list released by the archdiocese of Minneapolis/St. Paul that named priests who have been credibly linked to sexual child abuse. There were over 30 priests on the list, many of whom had been shuffled around to different parishes throughout Minnesota. Credibly accused priests have been at nearly half of the parishes in the state.[1]  What has become public to this point may just be the beginning, as there are many more pedophile related documents that haven’t yet been released by the archdiocese, and there are more lists to come from other dioceses in different regions of the state.[2] Continue reading