The Humble Entry of the Sovereign Savior

This was my third sermon at Glory of Christ Fellowship on March 29th, 2015.  This was a Palm Sunday message that focused on the narrative of Christ’s triumphal entry in the gospel of Luke (Luke 19:28-40).  It was such a blessing to really meditate on text and the context of this high-point in Christ’s ministry on earth. This was the first sermon where I was given a text as opposed to picking one.  I am very blessed to serve with a great preacher that really takes seriously the way you handle the Word of God in developing a sermon and also the indispensable role of prayer throughout the process.  He (Charlie Handren) wrote a book (Preach the Word) on preaching I had the privilege of reading through and interacting with him on to develop a process of starting with a text and developing a message that honors the word and makes prayer a priority.

You can download the message here (just right-click and choose “Save link as…”).

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