David and Bathsheba

This sermon was given on July 24th, 2016 as a part of a series through 1&2 Samuel at Glory of Christ Fellowship.  The sermon text was 2 Samuel chapters 11&12.

I was offered to fill in for our preaching pastor for a Sunday when he was on vacation.  The way it worked out, it just “happened” to be the Sunday that would cover the account of David and Bathsheba;)  It was a bit intimidating initially, due to the content and also being such a familiar passage. But, as usual, I was incredibly blessed in my time diving into the text.  The biggest take-away for me was how serious discontentment really is, it doesn’t immediately seem like that serious of a sin, but I think the account of David and Bathsheba helps us to see that discontent is definitely nothing to “snicker”at.  It’s a familiar story but, as with all of God’s Word, we can never “mine” it all – there’s always more to learn and apply, and that was definitely the case for me with this message!

You can download the message here (just right-click and choose “Save link as…”).

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